We are discount spec construction loan brokers.

We specialize in spec home construction financing. If you plan on building a home with the intention of selling or renting it, we can help.

We broker loans anywhere from $75,000 to $10,000,000. We obtain financing for several building projects simultaneously saving you time and money. Perhaps today you want to build one home, but later you may transition to multiple simultaneous builds and you will financially benefit from our advice.

Why should I use your loan broker service?

We can save you money and time on every project. Think about the following.

  • What if you could do multiple builds at the same time, you would save about 5 to 10% on the construction costs.
  • What if you can reduce your down payment to zero by using the lot's value therefore allowing you to do two or more building projects at once? Two builds equals more profits.
  • What if we can find you a rate as low as 6.5% (better than the industry standard at 10%+) or provide you draw money instantly (no inspector)? Instant draws means a reduction in supply costs (usually 5%)..Plus paying your workers instantly is a good thing.

When you have a question, would you rather speak to someone instantly (me or my staff) or wait until the next day for a call back? 90% of the time I provide same day and usually instant or one hour service. And going one step further, would you rather speak with an experienced loan broker vs the lender representative who is usually less experienced?

In many cases, we will know the lender's loan terms more thoroughly than their representatives. Furthermore, we'll show you how you can maximize your profits with each particular lender. We'll provide the "secret sauce" that can enhance your profits. You will appreciate working with a professional who can give you quick answers and provide helpful insight.

Would you like the option to brainstorm prior to financing to figure out how to make the most profits on your next project? We have various lending options at our fingerprints and know which lender would fit best for you projects. Plus, we can often lead you to the best lender if you can slightly modify your plans. 10 minutes brain storming with us on the phone and we'll likely save you $10,000+ on your next home building project.

All we do is spec home construction financing. We know this small niche better than most. Talk to us so that we can help you make more profits from each of your building projects.

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